Borderers is now available!

Borderers: Becoming Americans on the Southern Frontier is now available both on and directly from the publisher, Haley’s,  488 South Main St., Athol MA 01331  (, in both hardcover and paperback.   Here are some quotes from early readers:

Carla Rabinowitz’s remarkably seamless combination of the historian’s craft and imagination in this family history deepens our understanding of the extraordinary complexity of what we take for granted as the seemingly obvious in the present.  The complexities in the story  Rabinowitz brings to light compel the reader to honor our own diversity and our own history in an intensely personal way.”  – Mark Mancall, Professor Emeritus, Stanford University

A beautifully crafted and riveting tale. This is a captivating story of how ordinary people, striving to survive and prosper in a young America, shaped the social and political evolution of their country. Rabinowitz is a masterful story teller. She introduces us to generations of her own ancestors, and we follow their journeys from the eastern seaboard to the territories of Kansas and Arkansas, through Indian Territory, and on to the Pacific coast. Sometimes they prosper, sometimes they fail. But always they offer us a window into how we became Americans. I couldn’t put it down.” – DJD,

” I was hooked. … I got a big dose of eye opening american history I never learned in school. No matter your own background and ancestry, you will want to read this book and get a real insight into Carla’s ancestors she met for the first time.  Be prepared to stay up late and put this book at the top of your To Do list.” – S.H.,

“The author introduces us  to surprising facts about a diverse community of frontiersmen, Indians, enslaved blacks, and free people of color.  There are wars, rebellions, crimes, and misdemeanors plus family dramas involving Anglicans, Quakers, and an assortment of Baptists, plus Loyalists, Patriots, Masons, corrupt officials, Highland Scots, and French habitants.” – Allen Young, award-winning author of Left, Gay and Green

Paperback copies are $29.95, tax included, hardcover $34.95.



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  1. irene soto January 3, 2019 at 6:15 pm #

    Since the book has been published is Ms. Carla Rabinowitz going to be going on a book tour? If so does she have plans to come to Kansas any time?

    • Carla Rabinowitz January 4, 2019 at 2:00 am #

      I will be delighted to come to Kansas! My small local publisher doesn’t arrange book tours, but I will be traveling around to as many as possible of the places mentioned in the book – VA, NC, MO, AR and Kansas – assuming anyone wants to come to a book reading. Do you have any specific ideas?

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